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My Etsy Shops

Items from my original shop, eyeronic-Ts, as well as new work, are now divvied up between five shops. To discern in which shop a particular design or topic has landed, see below (or ask me).

Astral Occult -- For Those on the Arcane Spectrum

Astral Occult features a mix of moody mystical themes: Astrology, Arcane Arts, the Occult, and things Witchy--including hauntingly mysterious cats out and about under crisp, clear starry night skies. I've always had an attraction to art related to these themes, if you do as well, welcome!

MUG Sun in Splendour & Phases of the Moon -- A mystical Sun in Splendour symbol ringed by the eight phases of the moon.


SHIRT Cat Moon Window -- A cat contemplating a cold, starry, night sky and a sliver of moon from the comfort of the warm side of a window.

Cascadia Coast -- PNW Environs, Critters, & History

Cascadia Coast features themes relevant to the Pacific Northwest, its people, places, activities, and history.

HOODIE Tsagaglalal She Who Watches -- A Native American petroglyph in the Columbia River Gorge.


MUG Cannon Beach -- Based on an original watercolor painting of a misty day at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Dystopian Snarkasm -- Lead Sunglasses for a Bright Future

Irreverent, snarky, and sometimes dark humor aimed squarely at the vulnerable delicate bits of all the things one is not supposed to talk about: Religion, Politics, Sex, Death & Taxes.

MUG Pedantry -- Technically it isn't actually pedantry unless you are annoyed!


SHIRT Original Entrapment -- God was outsmarted by a snake and two people he recently made out of dirt? Is THE God really supposed to be too stupid to see that one coming? "Original Sin" my bare naked ass. It was entrapment!

Geek Axiom -- Art, Science, & History Gifts with a Side of pi

Geek Axiom features a mix of art, science, history, and space themed prints on garments, mugs, and cards, as well as the occasional side of fresh pi, or--uhm, fowl geek humor.

SHIRT The Golden Ratio -- The golden ratio has an intriguing relationship with Fibonacci numbers, which approximate the golden spiral & elements seen in nature, such as nautilus shells and unfurling ferns.


MUG Pavlov's Cat -- Yeah right. I'm not moving 'til I hear the can opener.

USA 1776 -- Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

We (the People) have a birthday coming up. It's a big one, 250 years. Maybe you should think about putting on some clothes, at least a shirt.

MUG Dark Brandon & Brandi -- aka, Joe and Kamala.


TANK TOP We the People 1776 - 2026 Semiquincentennial Flag -- Celebrate 250 years of the "American experiment" with this design depicting the handwritten "We the People" text from the Preamble of the US Constitution alongside elements of both the 1776 flag and current flag of the United States of America. Available in Gold ink (as pictured) or white.

You can contact me via one of my Etsy shops, Facebook, or email (iBall followed by @ and my URL).